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Product Information:

1. Vacuum Tubes and Manifold
2. Solar Water Tank
3. Electronic Pump
4. Electronic Controller
5. Heat Dissipater (Radiator safety feature)

1. Vacuum Tubes and Manifold
 - 5 year solar collector (manifold) warranty
 - 10 year vacuum tube performance warranty
 - 15 year heat pipe performance (copper pipe inside the vacuum tube) warranty

Sunpeak USA vacuum tubes adopt a highly efficient heat transfer vacuum tube with the highest grade copper heat pipe available.  This high grade copper prevents impurities from leaching out and clogging up the heat tubes when they operate at high temperatures.  Most companies in China use a lower grade copper however; we elected to give you the consumer the highest possible quality system available.  The heat tube is located inside the glass-evacuated tube and is completely separate from the manifold system. 

Manifold action    Actual tubes and manifold  

Sun energy is transferred through the outer glass tube and is absorbed by the heat pipe, which has aluminum fins that help transfer the heat to the heat pipe. A small amount of fluid in the heat pipe transmits the heat to the copper head of the vacuum tube and the heat is transferred through the copper, then through the manifold case to the heat transfer fluid (propylene glycol).  The vacuum tubes are designed to slide into the manifold and are independent of each other so if you loose a vacuum or a tube breaks the other tubes continue to work.  Our glass thickness is one of the thickest in the industry and therefore allows a longer lifespan and safer handling characteristics.  Each evacuated tube consists of two glass tubes made from extremely strong borosilicate glass one inside the other. The outer tube is transparent, allowing light rays to pass through with minimal reflection. The inner tube is coated with a special selective coating, which features excellent solar radiation absorption and minimal reflection properties. The ends of the two tubes are fused together and the air contained within the space is pumped out or evacuated (your coffee thermos container theory).  This vacuum, which allows molecules to move extremely fast also provides insulate properties.  Once the evacuated tube absorbs radiation from the sun, it then converts that energy to heat.  The inside of the tube may be as hot as 150 degrees Celsius or 302 degrees Fahrenheit where the outside is cool to the touch.  This insulate property allows the vacuum tube to perform well even in cold weather when other types of solar products {flat plate collector (see frequently asked questions #17) } perform poorly because of heat loss.  You can pick up the glass tube at operating temperature and not feel the extreme heat of the heat pipe. Use caution when doing this because the copper end will be extremely hot and will burn.

Higher Efficiency: The absorbance rate is increased by 14% with remittance reduction of 30-40%.
Higher Heat conduction: Operating conditions were tested to temperatures up to 270°C and as low as -30°C outside air temperature with viable operation.
Higher Stable Vacuum: Our unique technology plus a thicker glass tube, keeps the vacuum stable, which guarantees a longer life of the tube hence the 10 year limited warranty.

The above picture of the vacuum tube shows the tip is silver this indicator lets you know that the tube has a vacuum.  In order to maintain the vacuum between the two glass layers, a barium getter is used. During the manufacturing process of the evacuated tube, this getter (see following picture) is exposed to high temperatures which causes the bottom of the evacuated tube to be coated with a pure layer of barium (silver coating). This barium layer actively absorbs any CO, CO2, N2, O2, H2O and H2 out-gassed from the evacuated tube during storage and operation, thus maintaining the vacuum. The barium layer also provides a clear visual indicator of the vacuum status. If the silver colored barium layer turns white the vacuum is lost.   You should replace the tube as soon as possible after you notice this condition.  Note: The unit will continue to operate but at a decreased performance level.
Replacement tubes can be purchased from this web site or calling SUNPEAK  USA Inc. @ 540-325-0750 or

  • Heat collection is very fast. Its efficiency is greater than 10% higher than normal all-glass vacuum tubes.
  • No water is in the tube, so it successfully prevents tube breakage or stoppage and low power output caused by scaling and deposits of dust and sand.
  • Low thermal capacity makes the tube start up quickly and energy output within 2 minutes under full sunlight. 
  • High performance selective absorptive coating and vacuum heat insulation technology ensure the tube has high heat efficiency even in cloudy weather or in moist areas, especially during the winter months.
  • Solar collector plate is sealed within a high quality borosilicate glass tube with 5 x  10-3 Pa of vacuum to prevent corrosion even in moist conditions.
  • The system is reliable and simple.
  • Recovery rate is approximately 5 to 6 hours for a standard system.

Sunpeak 58-COP Series

Technical data:

Model No. Sunpeak 58-COP Tubes
No. of Tubes 18, 24, 30 Hail resistance ≥25mm
Disassembly yes Diameter of  tube 58mm
Technology Vacuum Heat Pipe Glass quality Borosilicate 3.3 (T=0.91)
Total Length  (m) 1.65 / 2.00 / 2.45 Thickness (mm) 1.7
Total Width (m) 1.9 Vacuum degree (Pa) 3x10ˉ3
Gross Absorption Area (m²) 3.14/3.80 / 4.66 Absorption rate ≥0.94
Aperture Area (m²) 2.52/3.36 / 4.20 Reflective emission <0.06
Surface absorber (m²) 2.18/2.42 / 3.03 Material coating is made of: SS-C/CU
Reflector Non    
Operation Pressure (bar) 8 bar or (116 psi)    
Entry Connector size ½’’ male/ copper tube    
Diameter of condenser(mm) 24    
Manifold Material Anodized Aluminum 2mm    
Material Heat pipe and Manifold Head are made of: TU1 Copper    
Insulation of manifold Polyurethane    
Slot for thermal sensor yes    
Cold Resistance -30 degrees Celsius    
Liquid capacity 1.4 / 1.8 / 2.2    
Total weight (kg) 39 / 47 / 65    
Min. flow (l/m) 120    
Typical flow (l/m) 150    
Max. flow  (l/m) 600    
Stagnation temperature (°c) 300 degrees Celsius    
EN 12975 (Solar Key Mark ) in process    
Date Oct-15    
Efficiency  (n0 in %,  k1 in W/m²K, k2in W/m²/K²) ; n0= 0.77, k1 = 1.47, k2= 0.0051    

2. Solar Water Tank

 System Operation

Solar Water Tank Product Line

                       5 year warranty (white or steel colored tank with dual coils)


Product model



24 tube collector


30 tube collector


48 tube collector

Installation mode




Related volume

US gallons rounded


65 us gallons


80 us gallon


120 us gallons

Rated pressure of directional safety drainage valve

8 bar/116 psi

8 bar/ 116 psi

 8 bar/116 psi

Max. water supply pressure

6 bar/ 87 psi

6 bar/ 87 psi

6 bar/ 87 psi

Setting pressure of temp./pressure valve

8 bar/ 116 psi

8 bar/116 psi

8 bar/116 psi

No of heat exchanger




diameter of heat exchanger




total length (M)




maximum pressure of heat exchanger coil:

20 bar/290 psi

20 bar/290 psi

20 bar/290 psi

Installation size of water pipe

1/2" (3/4")

1/2" (3/4")

3/4" (1")

Insulation thickness

50mm/2 inch

50mm/2 inch

50mm/2 inch

Insulation material




Inner tank material

SS304 2B 1.2

SS304 2B 1.2

SS304 2B 1.5

diameter of inner tank




diameter of outer tank




Overall  tank dimension



23x 44 inches


23x 53 inches


29x 66 inches

Special Order 500 Gallon Tanks Available


3.  Electronic Pump Station

Wilo Star-RS ClassicStar

Wilo pump

Glandless circulation pump with screwed connection, RSL version with rapid ventilation connection.  Pre-selectable speed stages to adjust the capacity.


-          For use with hot-water heating systems of all kinds.

-          Suitable for any installation position with horizontal shaft: terminal box in the 3-6-9-12 o’clock position

Three pre-selectable speed stages for load adjustment. (The higher speeds allow pumping to the top of a multi story house)

Technical Data:
Permitted temp range -10 °C to +110 °C
Nominal Width Rp 1/2, Rp 1 or Rp 1 1/2
Max operating pressure 10 bar
Protection class IP 44
Mains connection 1~230 V, 50 Hz 

3 manual selectable speed stages
Wrench attachment point on pump housing
Blocking current-proof motor, motor protection not required
Cable feed both sides to facilitate installation
Quick connection with spring clips for simple electrical connection

Materials Delivery
-          Pump housing:  Grey cast iron (GN-GJL200) Pump
-          Impeller:  Plastic (PP-40% GF) Seals
-          Shaft:  Stainless steel (Cr) Installation and operating instructions
-          Bearing:  Metal-impregnated carbon  


 Pump with Plastic Installation Case, Expansion Tank, Pressure Gauge, Flow indicator, directional control valve, isolation valve and over temp/pressure valve.

4. Electronic Controller SR868C6

Electronic Controller

Type:SR868C6 or SR868C8

This proven digital Intelligent System Controller is designed for split system pressurized solar hot water heating systems with heat dissipaters.  

Main technical data:

1.     Dimension:  210mm×145mm×48mm

2.      Power consumption:  <3W

3.      Temperature measuring accuracy: +/- 2˚C

4.      Temperature range of measurement: 0~150

5.      Maximum power of controlled circulation pump: possible to control 4 pumps,    ≤600W

6.       Power of auxiliary electrical booster ≤2000W (standard allocation),≤3000W

7.       5 inputs:Pt-1000 for collector, sensor temperature ≤500˚C ( silicon cable ≤280˚C), NTC10K,B=3950 for tank, sensor temperature ≤135˚C, ( PVC cable ≤105˚C)

8.       Outputs: 5 outputs, one for electrical booster, 4 for circulation pumps or 3-way electromagnetic valve.

9.       Ambient temperature range: -10 ~ 50˚C

10.  Water protection grade: IP40.

Main functions

1.    Clock display
2.    Temperature difference    on/off
3.    Maximum tank temperature
4.    Frost protection
5.    Temperature controlled hot water circulation pump
6.    Time controlled hot water circulation pump
7.    Temperature controlled auxiliary heating during three time sections
8.    Protection    functions  
        a.    Memory    protection 
        b.    Anti-bacteria    protection    
9.    Changed between “˚C/  OF”

5. Heat Dissipater (radiator safety feature)

The heat dissipater is specifically designed by Sunpeak for use with SUNPEAK USA Inc. installations that are sized for optimal seasonal output (especially summer). The heat dissipater can remove the excessive heat produced during summer periods, or periods of extended non-use. This protects systems from overheating and tripping the overheat/overpressure relief valve and expelling propylene glycol. It can be located in the attic or on the interior/exterior of the house (caution should be used for placement as the dissipater generates heat/ follow your local codes and regulations.)  Most china products are made with BSP connections, which is the (UK standard) and they are not interchangeable with NPT (USA standard) as the actual pitch of the thread is different - BSP being 55 degrees and NPT being 60 degrees.  .

Key Features of the Heat Dissipater


>2.3kW heat dissipation capacity* (This is almost twice the heat dissipation capacity compared to our closest competitor for the same price.)


Suitable for glycol systems.


Anodized aluminum fins and outer casing allow for excellent corrosion resistance.


Silver brazed TU-1 (highest quality) copper piping with 1/2"M NTP inlet and outlet (NTP is the US standard type thread).


Easy mounting on interior/exterior wall or in roof space.


Minimal drop in pressure


May be used as a simple space heating panel.


 Attractive design with Stainless shell cover.

* Based on 80oC / 176oF water temp, 40oC / 104oF ambient, no forced air flow.





5 year solar collector (manifold) warranty

10 year vacuum tube performance warranty

15 year heat pipe performance (copper pipe inside the vacuum tube) warranty